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Charming design, timeless quality

Stoves and fireplaces professionally realised with valuable materials and hand-made finishing; wood burning and pellet burning; our stoves and fireplaces have a high efficiency and a fair consumption in the total environmental focusing and the best Made in Italy design. A complete collection of masterpieces, to be delighted from and to enjoy ,in perfect home interiors, yours.

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Pellet Central Heating installations and sales Andalucía, Southern Spain


era2007  has been providing and installing Wood Pellet Stove/Fire central heating systems in Southern Spain for over 20 years. During our time here in Spain we have installed over 4000 wood fired heating appliances.

We have a new showroom and warehouse in the Poligono Industrial Park, Los Llanos, Carretera El Prado, Nave 1, 04660 Arboleas in Almeria. Our main warehouse is based in Granada. 

We also work in association with
www.carsanbio.com who have over 40 years of experience in the heating industry.


Our products are state of the art heating systems based on wood pellet heating technologyPicture

Whilst we can still obtain conventional log burning fires, both insert and free standing stoves, we regard the burning of lumps of wood in metal boxes compared to pellet burners akin to comparing semaphore flags to mobile phones.

Conventional log burners require a fixed flue raised to above roof level in an open pre-determined location, larger storage area for no longer cheap fuel along with cutting facilities ( chainsaw for those inconvenient log sizes ! ) offering poor efficiency and heat distribution.

Pellet burners come as individual room heaters, semi-central heating ( ducting warm air to other zones of the property) and full central heating systems with conventional water filled radiators with a boiler ( disguised as glass fronted stoves) heating the main living area as opposed to a boiler house!
Extemely high efficiency ( 90% heat recuperation) along with efficient heat distribution and the bonus of using re-cycled materials for fuel put pellet burners well to the front of the field in the heating race.

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